1,536 miles…give’r take.

2014 was one hell of a year. I (literally) ran my ass off. There were plenty of duels with the Beast, with doubt and frustration. Quad Rock brought me to my (mental) knees, and Hope Pass gave me everything but hope. It’s true what Ken says, that there’s “no feeling like seeing that finish line”, but I have to admit that wasn’t the highlight(s) of my year.

It was the people.

Kelsea willing me to continue and finish the QR50 in May (among a million other shows of support). Jeff’s positivity at mile 84. The Lion’s Roar at May Queen early in the morning, then his keeping me moving after the gun went off. My sister and brother-in-law 🙂 willing to fly/drive/drive/drive some more… from MN to experience the insanity of Leadville. Mom and Dad MacIlroy spending their hard-earned vacation time watching me puke and cry and finish my first 100. Trying to catch Jay-Pop late in the marathon when he experienced a great Flow. The Bacon Strip outings with Sarah and camping/hiking trips with Mackey. Stubbs keeping me alive and rocketing toward Twin Lakes in the dark. Seeing Humphrey and Jack chuggin’ toward 6th St with minutes to spare. My dad waiting for me in the Lory parking lot after 13 hours of hell. Our Grand Canyon adventure with Mick and Morgan in October.

Running was/is a time of quiet solitude, but this year it became just as much (if not more so) an exercise in community, in gratitude for friendships and family and support. As I mentioned back in August, there was no ‘me’ or ‘I’ crossing the finish line(s)–there was only a ‘we’. I am humbled and grateful for the we around me.

Thank you for a great year.


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