december, week two

week two of 30/30/30, 2.0

dec 8th (monday): jogged down to the River path for a warm-up before throwin’ down 12 hill repeats in a row (with about 10 second rests in between each) up the dirt hill to the neighborhood. total of about 30 minutes. Finally gettin’ back to bein’ a bit chilly at night. 20 degrees maybe.

dec 9th: needed a bit of a chill outing—legs feeling a tinch sore after the big efforts the last three days. Kept to the River path and enjoyed the cold night air. Threw in a few easy hill repeats just to remind the legs who’s in charge.

dec 10th and 11th: rode the stationary bike while listening to some music. not the most fun activity but I felt a little shot from running so I kept things chill with a little ride-inside. 30 minutes both nights.

dec 12th: I drove back up to the Fort after work tonight, and totally forgot that the only time I could probably get a run in was this morning. Great thought to have while sitting in Front Range rush hour traffic for a couple hours. I got home late and wasn’t about to put my running shoes on after not seeing Kelsea for two weeks. I’ll start a new streak tomorrow…

dec 13th and 14th: ran to the Perch with my bro on both days. Great to get back to the ol’ track—numbers 72 and 73 on the year. Good company too. We pushed it a bit on the 13th and calmed it down a touch on Sunday. Bottled some hard cider afterward. 🙂

summary: a bit of an uninspiring week but you’re gonna have those every now and again. a little disappointed I didn’t get out early on friday but I completely forgot. fun to mix things up with biking, p-blo hills and some perch outings. perhaps this coming week will yield a more readable post.


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