the 30/30/30 reboot

I was completely unmotivated in November. After R2R with Mick, I felt myself return to an apathetic stagnation. I got an idea! Come-up with a challenge to keep yourself moving in November! See: The 30/30/30 November challenge. Problem was, after about 3 days, I fell back into the stupor, and couldn’t motivate. I conjured three or four hundred reasons why, then narrowed it down to three realistic reasons: big life changes (new job, moving, down-sizing, saying goodbye to friends/loved ones), lack of inspiration with the same routes and paths – but really, these were completely eclipse by the simple fact that I was Just. Plain. Tired. For the last bit of October and into November, 8 and 9 hours of sleep every night wasn’t enough. It was tough getting up in the morning. Really tough. Once up, I couldn’t muster the will power to get my ass out the door for more than that first week of November. After that first week, I decided (somewhat subconsciously at first, then oober-consciously shortly thereafter), to pack it in for a bit. Shut’r down. Give-in to the body’s obvious callings for rest.
In early November, I was offered a position as a teacher of individuals with visual impairments. The job was in Pueblo. 3 hours south of our home and in a totally different environment (in many ways). We accepted the position, and spent the better part of Thanksgiving week downsizing and moving. Strange, a little scary, a little sad, but definitely exciting. Enter the Reboot.
Interestingly, as soon as Pueblo became a reality, I began coming out of my November stupor. Pueblo is a bit further from the big hills than FoCo, but there is ample new trail to explore. Having moved at the end of November, I thought it a good idea to try the 30/30/30 thing again, this time in December. Despite the shorter days and colder nights, I’ve spent this first week trying out new routes and getting to know my new residence. Steep, pine/aspen lined footpaths have been replaced by rolling, brush- and juniper bush-filled expanse, with open views of Pikes Peak, the twin Spanish Peaks to the south, and to the west, the Sangres. It feels a touch like Home in Alamosa.
My goal for December is simple: consistency. Run or bike, at least 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. Throw-in a daily silent/meditation practice for 30 minutes, and my hope is that by the start of 2015, I will be ready to hit the gas. During December I will also narrow down a few races for next year, mostly in the marathon-to-50 mile range I think. Because of how much time it’s taken me to recover from the Leadville 100, I’m planning on nixing any thoughts of a 100 miler in 2015. Besides exploring a new land, I’m looking to pick the leg speed-up and hone my ‘shorter’ distant race skills, and maybe throw in a bike race if the wind catches me right come spring. For now, a slow consistent building.


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