the 30/30/30 november challenge

While recovering from this past weekend’s Rim-2-Rim adventure (R2R report coming shortly) with Mick, I was already plotting the next goal/adventure. What’s next? Over lunch yesterday, Kelsea and I came up with a plan…

Each year around the end of October, almost instinctively, Kels and I come-up with a personal/lifestyle challenge. This usually comes with a change in weather/seasons, when the colder days and nights put us into a more apathetic, lethargic state when it comes to healthy daily practices. So in an attempt to re-energize ourselves, we come up with a challenge. A couple years ago, along with my bro, we did the Elimination Diet, taking 6 weeks to figure out some of our dietary sensitivities and in the process felt lighter, brighter and healthier. This year, we came up with the 30/30/30 challenge. For the 30 days of November, we will attempt to spend 30 minutes each day doing the exercise of our choice (running, biking, walking, exercise videos, whatever) and 30 minutes in silence, in a spiritual/creative practice of our choosing (meditation, yoga, prayer, writing, playing the guitar, you get the idea). That’s it. Simple. Consistent.

Ideally, we will stick to the same two practices, focusing on consistency and building a solid base for future adventures/exploration when the month is through. November is shaping-up to be a potentially chaotic month for us, so having a solid, everyday practice will hopefully provide some grounding and structure. If you feel so moved, join us! Let us know what you’re doing. I started a facebook event for the month, with the hope that our friends/family/strangers will join us and put a re-energizing jolt into their late-fall lives. The challenge starts tomorrow morning!


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