airplane camping

There’s (posh) car camping. There’s (hardcore!) backpacking. Then there’s airplane camping, which is a weird beast that fits somewhere in between the previous two. You ain’t bringin’ the big stove or the cooler full of beer because you ain’t got room in your one check-able bag. So it’s not like car camping. but unlike backpacking, you do have room for the big tent, the nice sleeping pads, and a neti pot (a must!). Plus, there’s room for my ‘minimal’ amount of running stuff.
You see, we’re going camping (for one night) and running (for one day) in/around/thru the Grand Canyon, but we don’t have time to drive there. So we’re flying. Then driving. Then camping.     …airplane camping. (trademark!)

We can check a 50 pound bag:

48.5 lb bag...with neti pot

48.5 lb bag…with neti pot











And we don’t have to hike with it on our backs.
#seeyouontheNorthRim    #R2R    #netipot   #airplanecampingTM

I’m excited (see daily planner):

north rim to south rim (~24 miles) in one shot

north to south rim (~24 miles) in one shot; (un)official R2R run report coming soon…


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