sept 15th thru oct 6th, 2014

sept 17th
Timber Trail, Lory State Park
8 miles, 1:43, +1400′ vert.  i love this trail–it’s got a little bit of everything. in the 40-50 times i’ve gone up it i’ve never broken :50 on the ascent. I think i’ve gone between 50 and 52 minutes about 10 times but never lower. i think my PR is somewhere around :50.15. Today’s ascent: :46.28. #recoveryisimportant.  After the ascent I hiked a bit and enjoyed the fall scenery. Only saw one other person during the outing–such a great park with awesome trails and possibilities.

sept 24th
Turquoise Lake Trail, Leadville
5 miles, 1:20, +300′ vert. great hike/run with the fam. fun to be back in Leadville as always. the fall colors were incredible (see below).

sept 30th
Perch #66 of 2014
6 miles, 1:05, +800′ vert. Pushed it a little too hard on the ascent (and descent) and had to catch my breath at the top for a few. perfect afternoon for running though: 60 and cloudy. trying to find a steady, consistent block of training the next three weeks in preparation for the Canyon.

oct 2nd
Towers Road, Horsetooth Mountain Park
7 miles, 1:23, +1750′ vert. great afternoon on the hill with Jay-pop. We decided to have at it and pushed it from the start. At the two or three checkpoints I’ve mentally marked, I noticed we were better than PR-pace, so at the 3/4 mark I put the “leather strap” in my mouth and pounded out the last mile. my previous PR hovered around 49 minutes, so I was a bit surprised when I stopped the clock at :45.49. J-Bone was right behind me in :48.21, both of us PRing–awesome! Enjoyed the chat and easy jog back down. Two PRs in the last couple weeks (bettering previous marks by about 10% each) has shown me the importance of rest and recovery after such a taxing event like the LT100.

oct 5th
Arthur’s Rock TH to Towers Road, HMP & LSP
11.5 miles, 2:15, +2300′ vert. another beautiful day on the hill–perfect fall day. PR’d the roundtrip journey by about 15 minutes–gotta be happy with that! pushed it into the red zone for the last half hour or so down the mountain. body feelin’ good.

oct 6th
Perch #67 of 2014
3.7 miles, :45, +600′ vert. great outing with kels, sarah and mackey. started from the trailhead and after the turnaround focused on descending fast/efficiently with good form. quite an enjoyable day.

in summary: I was pretty sporadic with training in the last few weeks, but: a) each outing felt great (because of so much rest) and I was able to push and move faster than I have in a long time; b) I have been enjoying getting back to ‘old reliable’ routes when I feel up for it; c) the last few days have given me a nice push back into a little bit of a rhythm. I’d like to spend the next two weeks solidly building for our Rim-2-Rim adventure in the Canyon.


Late September in and around Leadville/Twin Lakes:

1012804_627684964016051_7061877589183301586_n 1044202_627684967349384_3564810229105999673_n 10007428_627684820682732_2122732223511632078_n 10409704_627684827349398_1915307036374381466_n


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