week of sept 8th thru sept 14th, 2014


6 miles, 1:05, +800′ vert. perch #65. first run in three weeks–first since finishing the LT100. knees felt creaky and a bit pained but otherwise the energy and spirits were good. great to sweat again. pushed the pace a bit on the way up and coasted back home. a pretty good time (1:05) considering it’s been a month since i’ve done anything considered a training run.

Tuesday through Thursday

Totally shot. Apparently I’m not ready for a fast run yet. Knees/hip were pretty upset, and energy was quite low this week.


4 miles, :42. +200 vert. headed toward the perch, knowing that it’d be closed (and should be) due to all the rain we’ve been having the last few days. Crazy how cold it was today–I don’t think it got above 40. Should be back into the upper 70s/lower 80s by Sunday, but I’ve enjoyed this cloudy/cold weather. Lookin’ forward to autumn–wish it was longer. Kept things easy and smooth today; learning from Monday’s mistake.




7.5 miles, 2:00, +2000′ vert. headed up towers rd with Andrew. we both felt sluggish and slow, having not been up there in quite some time. Had a few good bouts of rhythm and tested the uphill-legs a bit on the steep final sections–legs responded well. we tried headin’ back down via the Spring Creek Trail but Andrew (great eye!) spotted a pretty sizeable black bear on the trail about 1/4 mile ahead of us. We were content with stopping to watch it for a bit but it turned in our direction and started running/bounding with considerable speed (how the heck do they move so quickly?!). Andrew: “I think we should go…” Me: “Let’s give it a minute…oh sh*t…yeah, let’s jet.” We scrambled back up the hill and headed down a different route. Luckily the bear was a bit more concerned with fattening up for the coming winter. By it’s size, I’m guess it’s gonna be a long, cold one ahead.

Weekly Totals: 17 foot miles, 3:45, +3000′ vert.  Still focused on gettin’ back into things slowly. After Monday’s (Sunday’s? I can’t remember) “first outing back” I was laid-up for the better part of four days. LOL…not so hasty! I backed-off a bit on Friday’s run before testing things out again on Sunday with Andrew. Energy’s coming back and the legs responded well on the up/downs of Towers. We’ll see how things feel in the morning. Hoping I can get back into form by late October.  #R2R  #grandcanyon


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