week of july 14th thru july 20th, 2014 (mm 93)

The Bender, week 3

7 miles, 1:20,  +900′ vert. Perch #58. felt sluggish and tired all day, but 4 minutes into the run I perked-up and actually felt comfortable and smooth with a faster pace. got home just in time for the downpour.

10 miles, 1:50, +800′ vert. ran the bacon strip again with sarah. cooler temps with a nice breeze but i felt positively terrible. no energy or pop to speak of. ended-up walking a fair amount of the uphills which vexed me, but so it goes. i’m actually shocked at how close the overall time was compared to the two previous outings on this route. amazing how the same pace can feel so different. glad i kept plodding along and finished (didn’t really have a choice…). still feel like i’m recovering from the 33 miler last friday.

rest day

7 miles, 1:25, +900′ vert. Perch #59. feeling a lot better after a day off yesterday. ran in the afternoon with sarah–perfect outside after a week straight of afternoon rain. the trail dried out nicely and the pegs felt fresh and smooth. enjoyed it.

13 miles, 2:40, +500′ vert. ran the LT100 route (miles 86 thru 93 and back) around Turquoise Lake with Duder on a gorgeous Colorado evening. the May Queen section is pretty up and down (small rollers)–80-90% runnable. Tripped about five times and took a hard fall/roll once–lots of roots and rocks and random footing. By the time I do this section Inbound, i’ll have 85 miles under my legs and have been awake for at least 26 or 27 hours. should be interesting!

26.3 miles, 6:10, +3500′ vert. May Queen aid thru Fish Hatchery, toward Halfpipe on LT100 course. a long outing with two of the six major climbs, including my first crack at the Powerline climb (whew that first 1/2 mile of ascent is nasty!). Felt great until the last mile or two of pavement back into May Queen. started the route with Kels and duder and continued on when they turned back. Exciting to see new sections of the race route (after reading/hearing about them for years) and thinking about how my race (could) unfold. there were a lot of ups and downs (energy and mentally) today, which actually added to my confidence–knowing that the downs will always end at some point and I just need to keep moving. felt good.

12 miles, 4:00, +4000′ vert. Hope Pass, LT100 course. started from the sheep gulch trailhead with Duder, ascended the winfield side of hope pass, then I descended the north side for a couple miles. turned around and re-ascended the north side and descended the winfield/south side to catch-up with Duder. we jogged the new CDT section of trail back to winfield and met back up with our friends. solid day in the saddle. the first ascent was pretty tough on the legs after yesterday’s outing, but like normal the soreness passed and the breath returned. finding the slow, yet steady climbing pace is pretty critical. great end to the weekend.

Weekly Totals
75 foot miles, 17.5 hours, 10,600′ vertical gain (141’/mile). Another solid training week including great recon miles on the LT100 course. the vertical gain per mile was a little low but the focus was more on rolling running miles and less on steep inclines (minus the hope pass day).  I’m now down to less than a month to go before the Race, and have only one more big training week to go.  the hardest part of training is yet to come though–the dreaded “taper weeks” when I start getting antsy and need to focus on rest. great time to figure out logistics and details not related to run-training.  getting pretty excited for the big day and all the friends and family i get to see and share the experience with. 


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