week of july 7th thru july 13th, 2014 (mm 91)

The Bender, week 2


much needed rest


see Monday


10 miles, 1:46, +800′ vert. the bacon strip. the first mile was tough as i hadn’t run in a couple days, still recovery from last week and had a massage. i reminded myself that the first mile is always tough after a couple days off. after the first couple hills though, my legs and knees started working themselves out and sarah and i fell into a pretty good pace for the majority of the outing. the last mile and a half i started feeling really good so i pushed the pace to the end. definitely felt better than last week.


resting up for tomorrow’s throw-down


33 miles, 7:52, +6000′ vert. the towers trifecta 53k! starting from arthur’s rock t.h., ran south along the rolling valley trail to towers, hoofed it up and back–thrice. really, this was both a third of the mileage and ascent/descent of the LT100, and mimicked it quite nicely: a lot of joggable/runnable rolling sections, a few flats, and plenty of vertical. the day got very hot in a hurry, so the second loop was pretty miserable, but like usual, some thunderheads rolled in and cooled things off. nice sprinkle of rain for about 45 minutes on loop #3. other than a little chaffage in the netherregions which we will not speak of, (the netherregions is also where the netherlands are located) the day went well. really wanted to put in a 30+ mile effort one more time (more for mental training than physical) and today fit the schedule just right.


rockies-twins game, hotdog with all the fixin’s, nepalese food for dinner and a beer for dessert. good rest day!


7 miles, 2:30, +1700′ vert. Towers outing with kels and duder. had to take cover about halfway up and wait out a pretty decent thunderstorm. plenty-o-lightning. after about a half hour the skies cleared and we were treated to a double rainbow and nice sunset. great end to the week. legs and hips were still sore from friday’s run but overall i felt good.

Weekly Totals

50 foot miles, 12.5 hours, +8500′ vert (170’/mile, not bad). week two of the Bender, as the lower mileage shows, centered completely around Friday’s long outing. It ended up being like a mini-race week of sorts, with some rest, easy runs and one really long effort. despite the low mileage i’m satisfied with how the week played out and am happy that i got in one last long day’s effort. the next two weeks will include longer outings in Leadville (three days in a row both weekends) and normal weekly build-ups.  two big bender weeks to go before the Great Tapering of ‘0-14. 


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