week of june 23rd thru june 29th, 2014 (mm 87)

Rest Week


Decided to start the rest week with…rest.


7 miles, 1:24, +900′ vert. Perch #53. besides giving the legs a little bit of a reprieve, recovery weeks are a good time for me to test out my “ultra-distance race pace”, i.e., I shouldn’t really go much faster than a 10-12 min/mile pace during an event that’s 50+ miles. Man, that pace sounds slow. But in fact, if I could run 12 minute miles for 100 miles I’d come in the top ten and have a shot at winning! Crazy. For now, seeing as I’ve never taken a step over 50 miles in a race, 12 minute miles are great for recovery runs and to remember what a ‘race pace’ should feel like. At Leadville, my ideal pace for the flats and steeper downhills would be about 11 min/mile. More on pace goals and benchmarks later. Anyway, I jogged the flats today in about 10-10:30 pace and power-hiked all the uphills, taking it about as easy as possible without walking. body’s bouncin’ back well from Sunday’s effort.

1.5 miles, :18, +50′ vert. didn’t feel like calling it quits when I got home so I threw the Nimbus 3000s on and jogged with Maya around the park. kept it at the same slow/steady pace as the longer run.


7 miles, 1:22, +900′ vert. perch #54. same run as yesterday though a little faster. was trying out the new shoes–Altra Olympus–which are seemingly the perfect balance of hoka and cascadia, with a huge toe box (finally!). they were really great to run in, and my only concern is, since they are ‘zero drop’ (same stack height at forefoot and heel) that they may cause some tightness in my achilles/calf area. we’ll see how it feels in the morning. hopeful that i’ve found the boats that’ll get me to the finish line without knee pain or blisters.


Resty McResterson


6 miles, 1:08, +800′ vert. perch #55. nice and easy recovery run again. pushed a bit more than thursday and tuesday but overall kept it chill. just trying to rest before the crazy July Bender that is forthcoming.




Walked part of the Perch route with Kels, Maya and the Martins, who made the wise decision to come to Paradise for a few weeks to check out the situation here. Glad they’re around.

Weekly Totals

~23 foot miles, ~4.5 hours, ~2700′ vert.  Slacked-off the mileage a little more than I was planning on, but it was probably a good idea. Even with a super-chill week, I will reach 200+ miles for June, the most I’ve run in one month. Ever. In all honesty I’ve noticed in the last week or two that I’m actually starting to feel…fit. My main goal back in September was to get to July 1st in good-to-decent shape, uninjured, and ready to hit the gas for the last month of training. Check, check and check. My knee still nigs here and there but nothing major at all. The practice races (Quad Rock 50 and Leadville Marathon) went well–well, QR50 was rough but I survived and don’t need to regurgitate what I wrote back in mid-May. I’m feeling excited as August approaches but know that I really need to get after It in order to be as prepared as possible for the Big Day.  Will it be enough? I don’t know. But I’m excited to find out. In four weeks I will finish my build-up and begin my resting-up. #ExcitedToSeeWhatHappens


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