Love and Leadville (mm 86)

There are seven weeks left until the start line in Leadville, including my last solid training block encompassing the next four weeks—a period I will now refer to as The Bender. I attempted to go on a bender once, but it didn’t involve running. After about six hours I realized I wasn’t cut-out for such activities and haven’t heard the end of it since (sorry, Cook!). Hopefully the running Bender will last longer, be a bit more constructive, and certainly be more successful. The Bender will start tomorrow, involve about 250 foot miles, most of the LT100 course, and a lot of camping. Hash tag, excited.

The Bender is brought to you (me) by: a very supportive, encouraging and patient partner who I’m no doubt driving a little nuts by filling most quiet moments and conversations with questions/thoughts/strategy about the Big Day. My goodness, Kelsea, you’re wonderful. I promise to try to give you at least a three month break from “run talk” once this craziness is over. The Bender is also brought to you (me) by a great recovery from the Quad Rock 50 and subsequent injury/pain-free month of June that has me feeling strong and cautiously confident in my fitness level. This fact makes me excited for the Bender and thus more talkative about running and Leadville and toe box widths and electrolyte strategy and headlamp research and vertical gain per mile and what should go in my drop-bags and night running sessions and blah blah blah. Kelsea is kindness itself (P&P reference). 🙂 Morgan, you get it. Finally, The Bender is brought to you (me) by public support from viewers like you. Thank you for continuing to encourage me on this foolish adventure. Much love to you, friends.


2 thoughts on “Love and Leadville (mm 86)

  1. Love this site, Love it. Just one correction… Hash tag is actually spelled “#”. And Kelsea is you lady not your lord. better get the audiobook to game of thrones for these longer runs! That said I’m still a devoted Run a muck follower!

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