Race Week: The Leadville Marathon. Week of june 9th through june 15th, 2014 (mm 83)


4.25 miles, :44, +300′ vert. easy shake-out…legs feelin’ a little heavy this morning. kept it light in favor of a tough tues-wed. 5 days til we head back to Leadville (I’ve been away for 9 months…too long, too long) for the first of many high altitude summer camping/running/hiking weekends. gettin’ excited.


6 miles, 1:05, +800′ vert. perch #49. had a big breakfast and legs felt a little stiff, but i tried my hand at a decent time trial from the trailhead on up. probably a top ten PR time (~20 min) but I had to a) stop to pee and b) slow down on the second half because i had clearly gone out too fast. took it easy on the way home, legs still feeling a little tired.


10 miles, 2:18, +2500′ vert. Towers Rd. Body was pretty tired so i took this one a little easy. kept the heart rate low and hiked most of the uphill portion. i don’t think I’ve taken a rest day since last tuesday, which would explain my lack of energy and soreness. I plan on taking the next two days completely off (other than stretching and rolling) in prep for this weekend’s effort. hopefully 26 on saturday and 15 on the LT100 course on sunday.

Thursday and Friday

stretching, rolling, driving to Leadville, camping…my goodness, the snow-capped high mountains! Air’s a little thinner up here.


The Leadville Marathon. 26.4 miles, 7:02, +6400′ vertical gain. really fun event with great friends in an incredible place. body and mind felt solid all day, with the exception of the brief period around 13,000 feet asl. A few late intervals (one uphill and one down) just solidified a great training run. great to spend much of the day running with Jay, Duder, Humphrey and the Stubbs brothers, and seeing Kels throughout. Leadville did not disappoint with many panorama views of the snow-capped Sawatch Range. three very solid climbs as well. The altitude is not to be underestimated! important to also have back-up shoelaces in case one decides to snap 4 minutes before the gun goes off (thanks for the extra lace, Boj!). Stomach stayed great until about mile 22 — I think i ate too many chips and gu and not enough real food. the good thing was I knew exactly what I did wrong, and the result wasn’t too bad. Overall a fun outing including camping near turquoise lake. Really excited to get back into the high country. congrats to humphrey, jay, andrew and the stubbses for kickin’ ace and finishing their races. wish i could do more events like this with friends!


9.5 miles, 3:00, +1100′ vert. first real recon day of the Leadville 100 route (May Queen, Hagerman Rd, Sugarloaf Pass). solid hike with Kels and Maya up hagerman/sugarloaf, which will be miles 14-18 and 83-87 come race day. this was one of five major climbs, and probably one of the easier ones. the grade was almost all jog-able and not as intimidating as I originally thought. but again, this is probably one of the easier climbs. good to know that i can vacilate between jogging and powerhiking and knock-out a good pace. it’ll be a welcomed first incline after the flat-ish first 14 miles of the race. really enjoyed hiking/running with kels and having a nice lunch at the top. good to get the legs movin’ after yesterday’s effort. again, excited to be back up high and lookin’ forward to more camping and hiking/running with kels and friends over the next six weeks. more altitude = more fun. 

Weekly Totals

~57 foot miles, ~14 hours, 11,000′ vertical gain (193’/mile). A great weekend in the high country. not much else to say! gonna try to hit it hard again this next week, which will make it four solid weeks in a row. Starting to feel the closeness of race day, now that all the prep-races are done. about 300 miles and 6 weeks of solid training to go.

Pics courtesy of Kelsea MacIlroy:



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