week of june 16th thru june 22nd, 2014 (mm 85)


much needed rest


7 miles, 1:19, +900′ vert. perch #50 on the year. nice steady jog after yesterday’s rest. legs still feeling a little tired after last weekend’s effort but that’s to be expected. hoping for another solid week before resting a bit next week. 2 months til the start line.


11 miles, 2:31, +2700′ vert. Towers Rd. Was planning on going another few miles but after the first go I met up with Harvey the Rabbit’s friend, ascended again, then participated in a very fast descent. That guy can fly down hill! 62 years old my a–! It was really hard keeping up without the Cadillacs (Hokas) but I hung in there. This workout told me two things: a) my fitness level is creepin’ up, but b) I gotta go harder during workouts (even the easier ones like today). Having a little interval here and there is good. Leg speed needs to continue to increase. May try running the Bacon Strip loop (rollers, 10 miles) or more of the Blue Sky trail, which will simulate about half the LT100 course.


8 miles, 1:36, +1200′ vert. perch #51. feeling very sore/stiff/tired this morning after yesterday’s towers effort and battle rope session with Bro and Taya. glad to get in a ‘bonk’ workout though. hopefully a night session later today.

6 miles, 1:10, +800′ vert. perch #52. night run with duder and taya to try out the new head torch and hydro pack. both worked great, though a little tickering and adjustment time will be necessary. the Ultimate Direction pack is pretty barebones but is really form fitting and comfy. water sloshes in the pack a bit but i stopped noticing after while. the headlamp is insanely bright, even on the 2nd of 4 settings. i think we’ve found a winner for the early morning start and last 1/3rd of the race in Leadville. Looking forward to testing these guys out on the race course in a couple weeks. It was a little difficult, buying/trying a new item at this stage in the game, with only a few hundred miles of training left, but the pack i’ve been using for a few years finally started to come apart. if the UD pack doesn’t work I can always go back to the old Nathan (just a new one). It’s nice having a little less weight/bulkiness though. We’ll see. energy was a little lacking on the run and legs were a little sore, but it’s always fun hiking/running at night. The world is reduced to the area that your headlamp illuminates in front of you. Fun to stop every once in a while and turn it off to look up at the stars. 


2 miles, :22, +50′ vert. nimbus 3000 run with Maya around the neighborhood after waking up very sore and exhausted. thought better of heading up to the perch and kept it easy.


4.5 miles, 2:10, +1000′ vert. one of the most enjoyable outings i’ve had in a long time. Kels, Maya and I hiked up well gulch then connected with timber and ascended the switchbacks. it was late in the day, after rain, thunder/lightning and the lighting was perfect for pictures–so kels took a bunch and we meandered our way through wildflowers, creeks and waterfalls. a great way to celebrate the first six months of 2014.


22 miles, 4:52, +6000′ vert. Towers Rd Trifecta.  Felt like I got shot out of a canon today. body felt pretty good and responded well to the high amount of vertical gain. three ascents: :52, :44.15 (PR by about 20 seconds) and :55. pushed it on the last two descents as I was feeling pretty good still. intentionally ran out of water with 4 miles to go and only ate one pack of sports-jelly-beans and half a mango lassi just to simulate a bonk run. Despite the lack of calories I felt great and pushed the entire way. happy with this one. time for a rest week!

Weekly Totals

60.5 foot miles, 12,650′ vertical gain (209’/mile), ~14 hours.  Best training week I’ve had in a while–certainly the most miles I’ve put in, in a non-race week. A great continuation of last week’s Leadville weekend. Glad to feel good during yesterday’s effort despite putting in about 100 miles in the last 9 days. 

All photos courtesy of Kelsea MacIlroy:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


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