week of june 2nd thru june 8th, 2014 (mm 81)


10 miles, 1:55. +1100′ vert. Perch #47, with some rolling trail along reservoir road. kept it nice and easy/smooth (under max aerobic threshold) and enjoyed the day. came home and did some circuit/strength training before going back out for 2 easy Nimbus 3000 miles with Maya. feel a lot better today.


rest and studyin’ for my certification exam (thursday)


8.5 miles, 1:53, +1500′ vert. hot out there today! the shaded switchbacks were a welcomed relief after the first two miles in the sun. vacillated between feeling good and feeling tapped of energy. I think the heat really effected me. Overall the body responded well.


7 miles, 1:25, +950′ vert. perch #48. evening run with Duder followed by some strength/circuit stuff. Legs actually had a little pep for the first time in about a week. took it nice and easy on the flats/descents and pushed it on the uphills. Added a few hill repeats for good measure. another beautiful early-summer evening in Coloradie. always enjoyable spendin’ time with my bro.


5.75 miles, :56, +500′ vert. speed intervals to get the legs turnin’ over. started with 5 min warm-up, then 3 x [5 mins HR Zone 3, 3 mins HR Zone 4, 1:30 HR Zone 5], then finished with a 20 minute jog. The first set always feels worse then my last. Maybe I’m doin’ it wrong. Meh. Just glad to be movin’ faster. It makes the daily run seem slow and easy, which is the whole point.


10 miles, 2:26, +2500′ vert. morning rain and fog in the park made for a creepy/beautiful/quiet morning with Duder. He rocked it on the ascent and i struggled to keep up–combo of dead legs (yesterday’s sprints) and gluten/beer last night (that’s about enough of that), but by about mile 4 I started feelin’ better. Enjoyed the chat and company. It was darn near cold up there!


8.5 miles, 1:31, +1000′ vert. Ran up to the Rez via Reservoir Rd. Not my favorite kind of run, but with the temps low, a slight mist and my legs feelin’ good, I enjoyed it. stayed at a low heart rate but kept the pace steady throughout the climb and decent. Great way to finish the week.

Weekly Totals

50 foot miles, ~10 hours, +7550′ vertical gain (151’/mile…a little low). A couple miles short of where I wanted to be but all in all not bad. 50 miles without a ‘long run’ is kind of difficult to squeeze in.  Could’ve done a little more climbing but there was a lot of jogging/running this week–more than usual. Leadville definitely has a lot of runnable sections so I’ve got to be prepared to cruise for 40-50 miles, not just power hike and descend steep slopes. Though, there’s plenty of that too…  A good pre-race-week week. Excited to get up to Leadville next weekend.


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