week of may 26th thru june 1st, 2014 (mm 79)


2.5 miles, 1:00 +400′ vert. early hike with Kels at South Mtn in Phoenix before it got hot. really hot. swam a bunch in the pool and am thinkin’ maybe it would be a good weekly activity upon returning home. 


Drivin’ back home


6 miles, 1:06. +800′ vert. perch #45. took it out steady, if not a little fast, then coasted on the way home. legs were a little cranky (probably from idling and sitting in the car the last two days) but considering I stopped for a few minutes to stretch, the time was decent.

4 miles, :40, +100′ vert. shook the legs out and warmed back up for some strength training at Duder’s house. I’m very weak from the waist up. Gotta change that!


8.25 miles, 1:52, +2000′ vert. legs and ass were pretty sore and stiff from yesterday’s circuit workout, so this one hurt a little bit. good combo of pushing the pace and backing off a little to keep some energy for tomorrow’s big effort. did mini ‘repeats’ up and back from Duder as he is still on the come back trail (and was carrying extra weight in his pack). Crazy man.


25.1 miles, 6:28, +6000′ vert. Quad Rock route. Man, this course is a freakin’ bear. 6:28 is pretty sub-par (about 40 minutes slower than my PR) but after hard workouts the previous two days, lack of sleep, lack of calories and quite frankly, a little lack of motivation, I’m happy to have slugged this one out. Kept my heart rate under aerobic threshold the entire way, which is not something I can say for the QR50 race two weeks ago. Rained on and off most of the day–everything is so green in the parks!–and I had a really hard time gettin’ out of bed. No energy, sore legs, hungry. Perfect training conditions for those final 25 miles in Leadville! After about 5 miles I really struggled, dueled a few times with the Beast, but did a fine job of enjoying the day. Besides hangin’ out with Kels there ain’t many other things I’d rather be doin’ then running in the hills. Gonna be sore tomorrow though…lol.


sore and exhausted. woke-up in the middle of the night feeling pretty nauseous, which is a sensation I’ve never really felt after exercising.  Slept about 5 hours so I decided to take the day off.


6 miles, 1:10, +800′ vert. Perch #46 on the year. felt good for about a mile, then wed-thurs-friday’s efforts came back, so I slowed down. No watch, no heart rate monitor. Just jogged along, stopped for about ten minutes at the top to enjoy the view and amazing weather; stopped and chatted with Stubbs when I ran into him on the way back down. Good to stretch the legs but not exert too much effort. Another sizeable week ahead. Just glad to be out.

Weekly Totals

52 miles, ~12:30, +10,000′ vertical gain (192’/mile. good). I felt really good at the beginning of the week, so I decided to push my efforts a little bit.  I definitely paid for it on the long outing, but that was good (at least psychologically). The weekend was a bit of a wash — ended-up about 8-10 miles under what I wanted to do for the week, but I had to listen to my body on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m almost certainly running the Leadville Marathon in two weeks along side Duder, Jay-pop, Stubbs and Humphrey; so I’m now trying to decide how to approach the next ten days.  I slight taper might be nice if I want to do well on race day, but part of me wants to continue training and view the race as simply a solid training run at altitude.  The course is almost identical to the 25 I ran this week: about 6300′ vert in 26 miles, so a time around 6-6:15 would be fine with me.  I also want to put in some miles on the LT100 track the following day, so I might not push the pace on race day.  We’ll see.  Will be fun to run and hangout with friends during the run–not something that normally happens at races. Really excited to get back into the High Country.


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