week of may 19th thru may 25th, 2014 (mm 77)


14 miles, 3:15, +3500′ vert. Timber-Well Gulch-Arthur’s loop. absolutely fabulous weather–downright hot out there. the Park has come alive with wildflowers, butterflies and bees buzzin’ around. Creek and waterfalls were all hummin’ as well. I stopped about a dozen times to try to capture it with the camera with limited success. stayed within a decent HR zone for the majority of the outing, though I ramped it up a few times on the ascent to Arthur’s and the climb up Timber. About 1/4 of the way down Arthur’s I rolled my left ankle and bit the dust (somewhat literally). Of course I was about as far from the car as possible, so I kept truckin’. Wasn’t too bad until I took my shoe off when I got home. Hopefully the swelling will go down by tomorrow. Overall it was fun to have the sun beatin’ down on me. Lots of good climbing as well.


8.5 miles, 1:45, +2000′ vert. Towers Rd. another beautiful evening of runnin’. Duder, Stubbs and I pounded’r out, with a few back-and-forths for good measure. Ran a lot of the uphills and it felt good to push it. More of these ‘uphill intervals’ are needed!


drivin’ to Phoenix for some outdoor sauna therapy


10 miles, 1:59, +1700′ vert. Lots of ups and downs, sand, sun, and damn! the air is so much drier here in AZ. Grateful I brought my hydration pack and some calories–went through both (I used less water and no calories on my 14 miler with LOTS of climbing a few days ago in Colorado). There are so many trails and hills and options at South Mtn Park that every time I get to a high point, I see at least three more offshoot trails that I want to explore. I really tried to push the pace (like I’ve been doing since Quad Rock) in hopes of getting better leg turnover and power. Today felt great. Body has been responding excellently to the uptick of effort this week. Spent about 85% of the outing running, which is significant considering there was still a fair amount of climbing. Feelin’ good.


5 miles, :47, +>50′ vert. 3 sets of intervals (5 mins zone 3, 3 mins zone 4, 1 min zone 5) with a warm-up and cool-down bookending the outing. temps were in the mid 90s so after I finished I jumped in the pool. Luckily I remembered to take my HRM off at the last minute. good to force some fast leg turnover. this’ll be a good once-per-week workout, along with a tempo run or two during the week as well.


2.5 miles, 1:00, +550′ vert. fun hike with Kels this morning before it got too hot. always the best kind of outing. 🙂


pool time

Weekly Totals

40 miles, ~8:45, +7800′ vert (+195’/mile). Body felt great this week with the added mileage and speed/tempo. Confident that it’s time to really hit it hard.

The Dude starts his comeback. #towersroad It wasn't enough to scale it with a hydro pack on.

The Dude starts his comeback. #towersroad
Apparently it wasn’t enough to scale the hill with a full hydro pack on.



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