week of may 12th thru may 18th, 2014 (mm 76.5)

90 days til the start line in Leadville.


rest day 


2 miles, :18. ‘barefoot’ Nimbus 3000 run just to see how the body felt. other than a little twinge in the knee (which wasn’t present much last Saturday!), the body is recovering well. still a bit tired but not bad. gonna try to get back at it tomorrow.


6 miles, 1:03, +800′ vert. Perch #43. legs and body felt pretty darn good. left the HRM at home and ran how i felt, which was at a pretty good tempo. I’m guessing it was just over an hour. unlike last year at this time, where I stopped running (pretty much immediately after the QR50) for 3 months, it was great to get right back out there again and keep moving. Excited/anxious/feeling the race (the BIG one) getting closer. time is of the essence — almost every run will have a purpose and focus from here on out.


7 miles, 1:50, +1600′ vert. Beautifully calm, cool evening with the Dude up at Lory (Timber Trail). The trail was in solid form after Sunday’s blizzard, and hundreds-ney, thousands!-of columbines bloomed. Didn’t see a single one last Saturday. Legs felt recovered and had some pop, but we kept things under control and hiked most of the way. Still trying to allow my body the rest it needs, but I’m feelin’ good. great evening.


6.5 miles, 1:18, +950′ vert. Perch #44. 3 x 2 minute hill repeats. just about puked. was shooting for 4-6 repeats but the body said no. I decided to listen, considering it’s only been 5 days since the race and I’m not fully recovered yet. next week I will not be so kind! after heading back down I had a random, unexpected visit from The Beast (whaa?!) but pushed through it. Bastard won’t back down.

Saturday and Sunday

Spent the weekend drinkin’ and grubbin’ around a beautiful, remote ranch on the CO-WY border. Hot damn I love the West!

Weekly Totals

21.5 foot miles, +3400′ vert (158’/mile…not bad for a rest week), 4:30.  I’m still very surprised at how quickly my body bounced back from Saturday’s race effort. By Monday I was ready to get back out there but, like the rest of the week, pulled back the reigns (reins? rains? raynes? hmm) to make sure I gave myself enough rest. Looking forward to kicking it back up the next couple weeks. As I mentioned on Wednesday, I’m feeling a lot better than I did at this point last year, when I hung the running shoes up until July/August after Quad Rock (and consequently felt like crap for about two weeks). I’m taking it as a good sign that the body and (more importantly) the mind bounced back after about 48 hours, ready to get back to business.  


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