week of april 28th thru may 4th, 2014 (mm 72)

Two runs during this first rest week, totaling 12 foot miles and about 1600′ vert.

6 miles, 1:02, +800′ vert.  Perch #40. windier than a jack rabbit the last few days. really didn’t want to go out but kelsea gave me the boot–she always knows when to give me a kick in the pants. Usually not more than a couple times a year…but effective! After about three steps out the door I was instantly in a good mood and felt a smooth, easy flow despite the strong wind gusts. The run felt down right amazing. tryin’ to figure out how to bottled this outing and release it the morning of the QR50.

6 miles, 1:11, +800′ vert. perch #41 on the year. Kept this one slow, walked a lot and stopped to stretch a few times. Just trying to keep the legs moving without using too much energy in the next 9 days. still trying to figure out how best to deal with the Hoka blisters, besides not wearing them at all on race day. they sure are nice on the knees though!

April Summary:

This last month has been all over the place.  Two solid training weeks and two very inconsistent weeks.  Three long, pretty decent outings, but some tired/sickness as well.  It was the best of times, it was the…

Hoping the base I’ve established in the last 6 months, mixed with lots of rest the last week or two will get me to the finish line at the QR50. Still three big months of training ahead.



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