week of april 21st thru april 27th, 2014 (mm 70)


rest day


6 miles, 1:07. +800′ vert. Perch #38. the weather was fantastic but it was just one of those runs where nothing was smooth and easy. just a bit uncomfortable and off. I decided to stay at the top for a while and enjoy the view and warm weather. Started raining on the way back down which made everything smell like spring. not a bad day.


6 miles, 1:05. +800′ vert. Perch #39. Just went out and ran based on feel. Legs a little tired so I hiked some of the uphills.

Thursday and Friday

felt exhausted so I backed-off


13 miles, 2:50. +3000′ vert. Amazing day in the mountains. Probably my last hard outing before the QR50, though I still want to put in a couple of shorter, steep efforts in the next week. Stubbs and I toured the Tooth park today and enjoyed the 65 degrees and sunshine. I started slow and frankensteinish as usual, but we got into a good rhythm and had good conversation. We both agreed that this is going to be one heck of a summer. 🙂 Lots of camping, running, hiking and grilling. I’m ready.



Weekly Totals

25 foot miles, 5 hours, +4600′ vertical gain (184’/mile).  Was hoping to do a little more this week but since it’s getting close to race day, decided to err on the side of rest and recovery. hoping it pays off.


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