week of april 14th thru april 20th, 2014 (mm 68)


6 miles, 1:00, +450′ vert. Perch was closed for the day, so I did 4 x 3 minute hill intervals, came home and ran about 3/4 mile in the Nimbus 3000s. Legs felt really good when pushing it on the uphills. definitely felt rested.


6.5 miles, 1:08. +500′ vert. “The perch is closed again? But it was so dry out today! You gotta be kiddin’ me.” I decided to obey the signs despite many people duckin’ the rope (Stubbs…), either someone at the county forgot to open the gate or the trail in their estimation was still a little too muddy. Either way, I can respect it. I’m sure they know a lot more than me about water/trail drainage and keeping the single track…single. It just meant I did some hill repeats on the pavement. Maybe it’ll be open tomorrow…


resty mcresterson


3.5 miles, 1:15. +600′ vert. Perch #37. Great hike with kels and maya on a beautiful evening. still feeling a little tired/stuffy/sickish, but will give the long run a shot tomorrow. getting a little frustrated with the lingering exhaustion. trying to stay patient.


26 miles, 6:20. +6000′ vert. after getting over being sick, feeling sluggish the last few weeks, some doubts were starting to creep in (What am I doing? What makes me think I can…?). Even during this outing I was starting to question my fitness, my ability to run a 50 (lets not even consider 100…). The first 8 miles felt great, but then my body got pissed for about 12 miles (that’s a long time if your body is pissed). I kept telling myself that it’d pass, and it did, eventually. I woke up around mile 23 feeling a lot better and finished well. Actually thought about going further but lacked the time. A good way to end though. My lesson for the weekend (see tomorrow’s note as well) is: if it’s not the knee or a “bad” kind of pain, keep plugging through the bleh feeling (the Beast). It’ll pass. The body can recover on the run. Keep drinking and eating. Go a little slower — anything to keep moving and fight gravity. Do. Not. Stop.


9 miles, 2:12. +2800′ vert. “hair of the dog” morning run with humphrey. i’m glad he was excited to go because it got me out the door. the first two miles I felt absolutely terrible. Feet/toes/ankles were sore, energy nonexistent. But like yesterday, i slowed down a little, kept drinking the Skratch mix in my pack, took my time and by the time we got to the Tooth I felt a lot better. The rest of the outing felt great. glad to put in a back-to-back effort. cloudy and cool this morning too–best kind of running weather. very excited about all the dry trails.



Weekly Totals

51 foot miles, +10,350′ vertical gain (203’/mile…good), 12:15. A very solid week, still gettin’ over the crud but this week gave me a little more confidence.


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