week of march 31st thru april 6th, 2014 (mm 64)


25 miles, 5:51,+5800′ vert. This was the QR 25 mile loop (for the 50 we do the 25 loop twice) so it was good to see how I was stacking up. This was a PR (I think) by about five minutes, so that’s good. Kept the heart rate low until the end. First 23 miles felt pretty good. Last 2 my legs all of a sudden felt like concrete. Energy was good all day though. Good to get in a doozy this early in the week. First sighting of 2014 of the fabled Abert’s squirrel. He was a quick little guy–escaped before I could get a picture of him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abert’s_squirrel


6 miles, 1:08, +800′ vert. Perch #32. a nice jaunt after yesterday’s throw down. knees held up, legs a little stiff but not bad.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

off–travel to Alamosa and AppleTurkey


6 miles, 1:10. great morning run with Jeff. Fun joggin’ and chattin’ with a good friend in an awe-inspiring place–nothing beats sunrise in the SLV. Jeff is a wealth of ultrarunning knowledge and always inspires me to keep going. His Leadville experience and wisdom will sure help later this summer!


10 miles, 1:54. +1450′ vert. Perch #s 33 and 34. nice to stretch the body after 5 hours in the car. Despite the rest of Colorado getting lots of rain/snow in the last 24 hours, the trails near FoCo were quite dry. Did a Perch repeat and kept the pace/HR smooth. two big weeks to go before taper-time.

Weekly Totals

47 foot miles, 10 hours, ~9000′ vertical gain (192’/mile)

Great long run on Monday, a little short on mileage and slope but not bad.


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