week of april 7th thru april 13th, 2014 (mm 66)


rest day — feelin’ a little tired.


6 miles, 1:15. +800′ vert. Perch #35. early morning outing with Stubbs. body felt blehhh until the last 1/2 mile. not for any particular reason. my toughest outings are always the early ones (generally with stubbs and jay-bo) but it’s good to get through it and not stop (“can’t stop won’t stop”). That in itself is good training for Leadville. It just feels crummy sometimes though.


sick.  feeling crappy/tired/stuffy since yesterday’s run.

Thursday and Friday

felt lousy again on thursday, felt decent on friday but thought better of pushing it.


6 miles, 1:04, +800′ vert. Perch #36. After three long days of no exercise it felt great to finally get back on the trail. the Hokas felt pretty good and I pushed the pace a little. tried to stay as patient as I could the last 4 days, opting for rest rather than pushing myself and getting sick again. It pushes my last two long runs (prior to Quad Rock) off to next weekend and the following, but hopefully that won’t matter come race day.


a little tired today but mostly had to catch-up on school/internship work before two big weeks–so when it started blizzarding outside I decided that was a sign to stay in and work.  i figured the week was a bit of a wash anyway so I’ll rest it up today and hope for a solid week.  Tough to only go 12 miles when this week and next are supposed to be my big lead-up weeks to Quad Rock.  

Weekly Totals

12 foot miles, 2:20, 1200′ vert. 

Trying to stay patient — my goal is Leadville not a PR at Quad Rock.  Tough to not be out there though.


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