week of march 24th thru march 30th, 2014 (mm 62)


6 miles, 1:13. +800′ vert. perch #28. tried out the Hoka One Ones today: awkward on the flats and uphills; amazing on the descents; there was a little support in the arches I wasn’t expecting (haven’t had arch supports in about 10 years) so that’ll take some getting used to. the legs and stomach felt awful–which happens after each rest week–so I will not make a judgement on the HOOs for another few outings. my knee felt great though, so ideally I’ll get used to the flat/uphill awkwardness I felt today because I can see myself being able to bomb some steep declines without pain. But man are they hideous (see photo of a flabbergasted/disgusted Kelsea below).


6 miles, 1:10. +800′ vert. perch #29. 5am outing with Jay-pop and Stubbs. Hokas felt a lot more comfortable today, though I noticed two small blisters forming on my left heel. Had a difficult time moving upwards but enjoyed the soft landing on the way down.

6 miles, 1:11. +800′ vert. Perch #30. had some extra time today so I went for a second round, this time adding a couple sets of intervals (2 x 3 min zone 4 & 2 x 1 minute zone 5). The workout itself needs a little tweaking but it was good to push it. took it easy on the way back home.


13.5 miles, 3:07. +3500′ vert. Towers x2 with the Hokas. Some observations: first, I have three blisters (not sure if i’ve ever gotten blisters from new shoes before…); second, the downhills were awesome. I had no knee issues. Going uphill was still a little awkward because it feels like I’m wearing flippers. but man, those downhills…sweet. energy was low and i had a headache all day (headaches are a rarity for me, thank god/buddha/krishna/the one/the none/my genes) but I think I PR’d this route by about 4 or 5 minutes. Not bad considering I’ve been piling on the mileage the last few days.




6 miles, 1:08.  +800′ vert. Perch #31. no watch, no gps, no heart rate monitor. slowed down when I felt a little exerted, sped up when I felt a little slow. Overall it felt great, just cruisin’ at a comfortable pace without overexerting.


16 miles, 4:17.  +4000′ vert. Absolutely perfect day for a run. The “That’s So Rado” boys and I looped through Lory and Horsetooth Mtn Park and enjoyed the great views, perfect weather (50-60 degs), no wind, and no clouds. The pace was great and I’m not feeling too tired or sore. Rest day tomorrow before hitting it hard again this next week. Great day out there, gents!



Weekly Totals

53.5 foot miles, 12 hours, 10,700′ vertical gain (200’/mile)

A few big things to take from the week: first and most importantly, my knee took the 10k of descending excellently. The Hokas helped a lot but the knee in general is starting to feel better (PT exercises–thanks Boj!, massage, taking the downhills easy, stretching, Hokas). Second, my energy levels and body feel pretty good at week’s end considering this is my first 50+ mile week.  Third, the vertical gain-per-mile number is right where it needs to be.  I’m going to try a long outing tomorrow–the 25 mile loop that makes up the Quad Rock course–so that’ll help put my fitness level into a little perspective.  Great week overall.  Three big weeks to go.

"what the...?!"

“what the…?!”

photo 2

view from top o’ the Towers (Longs Peak center, horizon)


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