week of march 17th thru march 23rd, 2014 (mm 60)

A rest week in Alamosa and Phoenix gave the ol’ tree trunks a bit of a breather.  I jogged or hiked about 12 miles with about 1,500 ft. of vertical at Phoenix’s South Mountain. Total time about 4 or 5 hours. Hoping the down time pays off as I’m gearing-up for three or four solid/hard weeks before some tapering prior to May 10th’s 50 miler.  I’m definitely going to add a focused, difficult and fast interval day each week through April to get the legs turning over and put the heart/lungs into difficulty.

Given my current fitness level and knee status (both decent), mixed with my slight lack of climbing-per-mile (compared with the Quad Rock 50’s course), I’m thinking I should be able to break 13 hours without too much difficulty, with an outside chance of going under 12:30.  Last year’s time was 13:27, and I’ve certainly put in a lot more miles and time compared to last year’s training.  Quad Rock will be a good first test to see how my body handles the beating and vertical gain/descending.  After the race I will have two solid months of training remaining which will include a lot of miles/climbing in Leadville on the 100 course and the Leadville Marathon in June.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…


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