wEeK oF mArCh 3Rd ThRu MaRcH 9tH, 2014 (mM 56)

for Cookie:


4 miles, :42. +300′ vert. Perch trail was closed because of mud/snow melt, which was fine because I was only looking to shake my legs out after being in NYC all weekend. Hopefully get back at it tomorrow.


rainin’ and snowin’ and backed-up on homework.  no va.


8 miles, 1:30. +800′ vert. trails were all closed due to the rains last night, so I had to do some pavement pounding. went up to the Rez and turned south (up the big incline). hoping the second half of this week makes up for the slow start and a too-restful week last week.


8 miles, 1:21. +800′ vert. Same route as yesterday, just way faster. Wore shorts and a t-shirt and day-dreamed about dry summer trails–tomorrow’s suppose to be nasty. Knee wasn’t too keen on the pavement pounding but I tried to take it easy on the descents.


19.5 miles, 4:25. +3400′ vert. (~175’/mile). A snowy, rainy, freezing day. The only other people in the park were the rangers, who asked me to give a report on the trail when I was done because they didn’t want to go out. It sure was quiet out there. I enjoyed the weather, got pretty soaked, but kept a pretty good pace. Did 5 loops on the Timber, and although the vertical-per-mile was a little low, it’ll have to do until the steeper trails dry out. 170-175’/mile is about what Leadville will be, so I don’t want to go any lower than that. And, Quad Rock is much steeper (240’/mile) though shorter (50 miles) so I’d rather shoot for close to 250’/mile on the long outings or I’ll get eaten alive in May.


2 miles, +10′ vert. :20.  I love running “barefoot”** around the neighborhood at night. the natural stride and form feel easy and the barefoot feeling makes me feel like a kid. it’s always a slow pace with quick leg turnover.                                                                           **with my NB Minimus shoes, which I call the Nimbus 3000s


5.5 miles, 1:20. +900′ vert. great hike/jog/hill repeat outing with Kels and Maya. the mercury hit 70 today–everything was sloppy and green and smelled of spring. oh the smell of wet spring pine! I did a few repeats back and forth as we hiked Timber and enjoyed the sunshine. Nice having such great company on a beautiful day. Legs were definitely a bit sore/tired from the last five days, but felt better (along with my energy) as the outing progressed. I can almost taste summer.

Weekly Totals

47 foot miles, ~9.75 hours, ~6400 ft of vertical gain (+136’/mile)

The vert-per-mile was a bit low again this week, which, on the positive side meant I actually ran almost every mile.  When that number is higher it means I’m hoof-hikin’ a lot of the steep inclines.  Great to get back into the swing of things this week. More vertical next week perhaps.

drivin' to Lory for the long outing on Friday

drivin’ to Lory for the long outing on Friday

"where is everyone?"
“where is everyone?”



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