week of march 10th thru march 16th, 2014 (mm 58)

for Bruce:


Much needed rest day after five hard days in the saddle.


6 miles, 1:10. +600′ vert. perch #26. early morning with jay and stubbs–it’s been almost two weeks since i’ve been up the Ol’ Hill, and though it took most of the run to warm the body up, knee and legs felt pretty good. another big mileage week ahead…42 miles to go.


7 miles, 1:15. +800′ vert. some late night hill repeats up near the perch. didn’t have to turn the headlamp on as the moon was brilliant and bright. great fun.


22 miles, 4:59. +4400′ vert. This one hurt. Ate crappy last night, didn’t sleep well, and have put in 70 miles in the last 7 days. Put those together and you get a tough day in the saddle. The weather was perfect though! 55 and sunny–nothin’ to complain about. A long day’s outing with sunshine and mostly dry trail beats just about everything else. My food concoctions courtesy of Skratch were great–no stomach issues and plenty of energy. The legs just felt like concrete starting at mile 2. But with a lot of climbing, and total time under 5 hours, I’m satisfied. Just took a lot out of me.


“no, no, no, no, no, no, no…No.” -Jim Trott from The Vicar of Dibley


7 miles, 1:10. negligible vertical gain. Alamosa City Ranch. Fun to run through the cow pies and near the Rio again.


6 miles, 1:05. Alamosa City Ranch. Mixed in a few intervals but otherwise just enjoyed cruisin’ along.  Great views of a snowy Mt. Blanca.

Weekly Totals

48 foot miles, 9.75 hours, ~6000′ vertical gain (+125’/mile).  

Vertical per mile was actually pretty good this week until running in the flat Valley this past weekend.  No complaints though as the knee is holding together and the weather was great.  Rest week in Phoenix followed by (hopefully) my first week in the 50s.  7 weeks til the first big test at Quad Rock.  


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