week of feb 24th thru march 2nd, 2014 (mm 54)


rest day, rest week


6 miles, +600′ vert., 1:15. Perch #25. early morning outing (Tuesdays with Stubbs)–realize that it definitely takes me a long time to get rollin’, and pushing the pace only makes me feel worse. I always seem to be warmed by about mile 5 (good for leadville, bad for morning perch runs). cold morning left my knee feeling a little funky but i’m sure it’ll pass. always does.

Wednesday and Thursday

nada–travel to NYC

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

8 miles, no vertical gain, ~3.75 hours.  some treadmilling (ugh) and “city hiking” in concrete paradise.  great food, no trails.

Weekly Totals

~14 foot miles, 5 hours, +600′ vert.  A very restful week with little running in NYC. Fun to travel with Kels and see the Big City again, but by Sunday I was already missing the trails.  Ramping things up in the next couple weeks.




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