week of feb 17th thru feb 23rd, 2014 (mm 52)


7 miles, 1:19, +1000′ vert. great hill repeat jog with Kels and Maya. Towers Rd was closed (muddy) so we headed over to Lory. Timber was pretty muddy still but we had a great time. did about 7 x 4 minute repeats with a recovery minute or two after each (until I got back to Kels and Maya). Good to push uphill. Hopefully a good week ahead.


6 miles, 1:12. +600′ vert. Perch #22. though the gate was still closed, we jumped it and kept going (it was 5 am, who’s going to be out there to stop us?). I definitely respect and adhere to closed gates when the city/county closes trails due to muddy/wet conditions–hiking and running on them when they’re like that would only degrade them rapidly. That being said, they’ve been closed since last Wednesday (rightfully so), but I have no doubt they’ll open’em back up today because the entire trail was perfectly dried-out. I haven’t seen dirt on that trail for a good two months! It was 55 with not a hint of breeze this morning–amazing. Came home and did my (what will hopefully be my regular) thrice-weekly core and strength training routine. Knee was a little twingy on the downhills but nothin’ terrible.


rest day


18 miles, 3:52. +3700′ vertical gain (~205’/mile). Trails were either closed or dangerously icy, so resigned myself to heading up the timber trail a few (4) times. I didn’t mind repeating the route (especially because it was 95% dry) but the trail is totally exposed–and I heard on the radio on the way over that we were getting wind gusts up to 70 mph. I believe it–windier’n a jack rabbit out there. I was thankful for the dry, uphill trail and was happy with my pacing. the four loops: :55.10, :55.54, :56.57 and :52.52. I had a little energy in the tank for the last repeat so i gunned it a bit. my ascent was :25.24 which I think is a PR for that route. I’ll take it! the knee held really well.


7 miles, 1:25. +750′ vert. perch #23. holy canoli was it windy today. worse than yesterday for sure. legs felt dead and i had no energy after yesterday’s effort, but i slogged through knowing tomorrow is a day off.


day off


7 miles, 1:20. +800′ vert. Perch #24. we didn’t sleep much last night as we both battled some GI issues from our Thai food dinner. Man, it was delicious going down, but…
Unfortunately that meant I had to pass (gas) on the long outing with Humphrey up at Lory (sorry, H!), and didn’t get out the door til late afternoon. ran the usual perch run and added 3 solid hill repeats (3 mins each). beautiful day with no wind! knee felt pretty good today. added some strength/core stuff afterwards.

Weekly Totals

45 miles, 9:10, +6850′ vertical gain (+152’/mile)

Great week back in the saddle.  Trails were pretty muddy (which prevented me from getting in more vertical gain–that and the Thai food from last night) but I managed to hit my mileage goal for the week/month (goal: one week in February would be 45 miles).  Due to muddiness and subsequent low amount of climbing, the weekly average (152’/mile) was a bit under my weekly goal (160-180’/mile) but not by much.  My monthly total will suffer due to last week’s illness but it won’t matter in the long run.  After 45 miles this week I feel good, knee held well and I’m looking forward to March’s high mileage.  I have a half-rest-week coming up as we’ll be headed to NYC for a long weekend.  Also looking into a lead-up race to Quad Rock–maybe Desert Rats marathon or 50k at the end of April. We’ll see.


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