week of feb 10th thru feb 16th, 2014 (mm 50)


rest day.  didn’t think I’d have three more later in the week…


6 miles, 1:17.  Perch #21, +600′ vert. felt under the weather–thought a good sweat session would help clear things up. nope. made it worse. first time i’ve been sick since november 2011. what a run it was! so much has happened since then–the 2012 mayan apocalypse, summer olympics in london, mitt romney. that’s about it i guess. new streak starts soon.


Sick. No work. No play. 


Still felt pretty shot.  Went to work, but no play.  


3.5 miles, :40, +250′ vert. beautiful day and the first time i’ve felt even close to ‘well’ since Tuesday morning. energy was really low and muscles achy but I jogged to the gate (which is closed due to muddy conditions–it’s 50 today and the snow is all but melted). good shake-out. definitely got to the point this week where I made peace with the fact that my goal mileage for February is a bit out the window. It’s still early, many miles to go. Hoping to feel 100% by Monday so I can put in a solid week (~45 miles?)…depending on the knees.


3.5 miles, :36, +300′ vert.  Felt better than yesterday but still lacking kick. snow continues to melt on the trail to the perch (lots of mud, therefore it was closed) which was just as well since i’m not feeling up to going that far yet. used the HRM for the first time in a couple weeks (MAT) and really tried to focus on form and which specific movements make my knee-tweak disappear. today went pretty well in those regards. Also adding squats and hamstring strengthening to the mix–hopefully more consistently–in hopes that that will also relieve some of the issues.


4 miles, :38, +350′ vert. windy but quite warm today. energy levels are back to normal and the quick jog felt pretty good. ready to get back at it this week. hopefully the trails dry out a little bit.

Weekly Totals

17 foot miles, +1500′ vertical gain (+88’/mile), ~3:15.  Pretty much a ‘rest’ week in that I couldn’t do much and did my best to side with caution–no need to really push it until next week because I really don’t need to miss more time.  


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