week of feb 3rd thru feb 9th, 2014 (mm 48)


resting up for a big week


6 miles, 1:14.  Perch #18, +600′ vert. snowing again this a.m., Colorado startin’ to feel like MN with all this standing snow that refuses to melt. Didn’t need the tiki torches until the descent. Stubbs and Jay-pop were up early rockin’ it with me. always fun to cruise downhill with lots of cushion.


7 miles, 1:25.  Perch #19, +800′ vert. colder’n $#@% out there today. more snow and wind last night covered the deepening trench we got goin’ to the top. added a little incline and interval action as well–pushing it on the uphill, recovering on the flats/declines. another fun wintery outing. 


rest day


7 miles, 1:30.   Perch #20, +800′ vert. took it a bit slow and easy–same run as Wednesday. i was bit worried that my water bottle/reservoir was going to freeze on a long outing so I put off the big effort until tomorrow (supposedly warmer) and headed to the perch. found a nice, slow rhythm and enjoyed it.


16 miles, 3:48.   4000′ vert. 2.5 trips to the top from Soderburg TH. Within a mile I knew it was going to be a tough outing–no energy and the legs felt shot (meow!). Considering that, and the punchy, deep snow for the first half mile and the 1/2 mile at the top…AND…considering my turnaround break was about 2-3 minutes longer than two weeks ago (a little more putzy today) , I’m pretty happy with 3:48. Two weeks ago, exact route and distance (with little-to-no-snow) was 3:47. #consistent!
That being said, my knees are startin’ to feel it. The downside (pun intended) of getting in a lot of vertical gain is the pounding the joints take on the return. Trying to keep good form, do some yoga, core exercises, taking salt baths. Any other ideas are appreciated!


7 miles, 1:40. +1800′ vert. a nice shake-out jaunt with Humphrey and Ben (and Plum)–cold and foggy this morning. much different then yesterday’s tropical 35 degrees and sunny. energy was a bit low after yesterday’s effort but the muscles felt pretty good. right knee becoming an issue–but i’ll just keep on yoga-ing and salt bathing and icing if necessary. a great week overall.

Weekly Totals

43 foot miles, +8000′ vertical gain (186’/mile), ~9:45. 

Finally felt like I hit my vertical feet per mile goal this week–I had been wondering why my knees were feeling it more than normal until I did the calculation a few seconds ago.  A cold and snowy week but I’m glad I worked through it.  It’s supposed to be a bit warmer this coming week, which is good considering I have two big mileage weeks ahead.  A good mix of long, vertical, speed/interval, some weight training and stretching/yoga.  Hope to keep the momentum going.


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