week of jan 27th thru feb 2nd, 2014 (mm 45)

Monday and Tuesday

rest week begins well


6 miles, 1:12. perch #14, +600′ vert. cold early morning outing. lots of snow but the trail was packed down except for the last 1/2 mile, making for cushioned landings. Got about 2/3rds of the way up when I noticed Stubbs’ headlamp (I mean, who else is crazy enough to be out at 5:15 in the morning when it’s 5 degrees?) below me about 5 minutes. Held up and we trudged to the top together. legs felt a bit rested after two days off.


6 miles, 1:20. perch #15, +600′ vert. a strangely/creepily warm morning–snow melting in the dark? weird. Legs felt stiff (did a few weight lifting exercises yesterday…) and I was a bit low on energy. Stubbs and I tip-toed over ice (snow melted then froze on the trails) and only slipped about 17 times. Needless to say things were slow going but it’s always satisfying to get to the top and look down on a still-sleeping city, then turning west to see the dark outline of the Rocky Mountains. always a good start to the day.




7 miles, 1:15. perch #16, +600′ vert. Snowin’ like crazy the last two days. Luckily there was a snowshoer about a half mile in front of me–she packed down a fair amount of snow. Made the job slightly easier, not as much sloggin’. definitely feeling rested and legs are enjoying a little breather this week.


3.5 miles, 2 hours. +550′ vert, perch #17. great hike with FIF Bruce, Kels and the pup-dog: 30 and sunny with lots of snow on the ground (and on the trees and grass and water and prairie dogs). The trail has packed down considerably since yesterday’s outing, which will make things a little smoother for this next week’s outings. What a perfect Colorado day!   Go Broncos!

Weekly Totals

23 foot miles, +2350′ vertical gain (~102’/mile), ~5:45

Solid rest week with mostly just…rest.  Great to have the father-in-law-figure out for a visit and to witness Kels officially “Mastering” sociology.  Gonna pick things up this next week with more weight training and trying to hit about 42 miles.  Give-r-take.                                 ——————————–

Overall January went great–my goal was 145 miles and I hit the mark dead on.  Not too many, not too little.  Vertical gain per mile is about right, and I don’t feel tired-out.  February is starting with lots of snow which could bog-down my numbers for the month but it’s still early.  still 6 months to go.


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