week of jan 20th thru jan 26th, 2014 (mm 43)


6 miles, 1:16. perch #10, +600′ vert. a nice, easy shake-out after yesterday’s effort. legs felt tired but not too bad. energy was good. kept the pace/HR very slow and walked most of the inclines. it was too gorgeous of a day to not run. 60 degrees in January.


rest day


6 miles, 1:12. perch #11, +600′ vert. early morning outing with stubbs and jay-pop. a good reminder that it’s still winter, and 20 degrees is normal, if not still a bit warm for pre-dawn. great stars.


restin’ up for tomorrow’s big effort


16 miles, 3:47. +4000′ vertical gain. 2 & a half ascents of Towers Rd. Early morning temps around 5, but once the sun got goin’ it shot up to about 50. Didn’t see another soul out there. Stayed under MAT for most of the outing, which meant my legs and lungs didn’t start feeling it til about mile 13 or so. Quite satisfied with the time considering the amount of climbing included.


5 miles, 1:00. +550′ vert, perch #12. perfect day for a jaunt. shook the legs out a little bit.


7 miles, 1:17. +800′ vert. Perch #13. another great day before the weather turns back to winter for the week. legs felt pretty good–ran 3 hill repeats near the top of the Perch. First time I’ve had a week of 40+ miles since last May. Things are lookin’ up (literally). Rest week…starts….now!

Weekly Totals

40 foot miles, ~8.5 hours, +6550′ vertical gain (~164’/mile…not bad).

First week in the 40s since last May.  Felt solid but looking forward to the rest week ahead.


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