week of jan 13th thru jan 19th, 2014 (mm 41.3)


rest day


7.25 miles, 1:25, 725′ vert. Perch #7. MAT early morning jaunt in blowing snow. a little slow going (snow in the headlights), but ran into mr. stubbs toward the top, ran a bit down with him then turned back up toward the perch. still trying to get into a routine/groove.


rest day


6 miles, 1:10, Perch #8, 600′ vert. easier to get up early this morning, full moon and spring-like temps (40 degrees at 5am?!?). Didn’t need to turn my headlamp on until the rocky parts of the path. Stubbs joined me at Prospect and we followed the moon west past mule deer and fallen trees (really windy the other night). Great morning in Coloradie.


7.1 miles, 1:26, Perch #9, +800′ vert. felt a bit out of energy, though for some reason 3 hill repeats (last ~60′ vert before the top) livened me up for a bit. a WARM day–wore shorts! it was -15 here not even two weeks ago. supposed to be an even warmer weekend.


rest day


16.5 miles, 4:33, +3300′ vert. great Sunday outing with Humphrey. hoofed through a 8.5 mile loop with H then ran a shorter loop on my own. kept the heart rate under MAT (150 bpm) the entire jaunt, which is good considering the vertical gain. the last couple miles were pretty tough though–I definitely need more outings that have steep slopes. Thinking besides the weekly/biweekly long runs I should probably add a shorter and steeper run as well. Perch runs ain’t gonna cut it! 

Weekly Totals

37 miles, 8.5 hours, ~5500′ vert (149′ vert/mile)

Even though there was only four outings this week they all went pretty well, punctuated by the big Sunday effort which put my vert-to-miles ratio right where it needs to be.  Ideally it’d be a little higher, but that will come as the mileage on my long runs increases.  I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s still early.  


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