week of jan 6th thru jan 12th, 2014 (mm 39.4)


6 miles, 1:10, 600′ vert. Perch #3, night run with lots of packed down snow. MAT with the HRM for the first time in a while. Felt solid, though a little slow with all the snow. a cold but enjoyable outing.


6 miles, 1:15. perch #4, +600′ vert. early morning (530am) jaunt in the cold with stubbs and jay-pop. legs felt a bit tired and stiff (cold didn’t help) but I need to get in at least two early mornings a week if I’m going to meet my mileage goals during my internship (now through April). rib still hurting so I’ve laid off any weights/pushups/core stuff.


6 miles, 1:10. perch #5, +600′ vert. 


6 miles, 1:10. perch #6, +600′ vert. quick jaunt before heading back to the MN for dad’s 60th bday weekend!


MN loungin’

Saturday and Sunday

13 miles, 1:47. +500′ vert. runnin’ in the TC ‘burbs near ma and pa’s homestead. happy 60th daddy-o!

Weekly Totals

37 foot miles, 6:30, ~+3000′ vert. (81′ vert/mile)

Lots of runs to the Perch this week, just trying to get a solid base (for the week and before heading to MN where I can sometimes let off the gas…to put it nicely).  Definitely looking to start adding longer outings to the mix in the coming weeks, since that is the point of all this…besides getting in good shape I suppose. No, that’s not true.  I’m in it for the 100, let’s be honest.


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