week of dec 30th, 2013 thru jan 5th, 2014 (mm 37.5)


rest day


6 miles, 1:11, +600′ vert. final Perch outing of 2013 (73 in all, something like 250 times since I started keeping track). early morning run with Jay-pop on the last day of 2013. legs felt much better than the last couple weeks and I added 20 minutes of ‘weight training’ and core stuff after I got home. 2013 was a strange/fun/unexpected year and, in terms of running, a solid year that leaves me feeling strong, encouraged and hopeful for a crazy 2014 with (hopefully) a big throw down in August.


6.75 miles, 1:14, +700′ vert., Perch #1 on the year.  first jaunt of the new year felt pretty solid after a week or so of feeling sluggish and slow. Signed-up for the Leadville Trail 100 and Leadville Trail Marathon last night after midnight. It’s on.


6 miles, :56.47, Perch #2, +600′ vert. PR’d the roundtrip…by almost 2 minutes. Probably left about a minute out there too, considering it was in the dark and I tripped and rolled over some rocks (ribs are banged-up), stopped at the top for about 45 seconds, then had to move a bit cautiously on the descent through the rocky parts ’cause my headlamp was running out of juice. all in all though, it felt great to push it to the limit and hold it there for as long as possible. great outing.


Drove to Crested Butte for a cross country ski weekend with Kels and the Maya dog


6 miles of XC skiing, 3:00. fun weekend of xc skiing with Kels and Maya in crusty butt, usa. fun to move the legs in a different way! lots of snow and hot tubs and great food and great b&b!


Long snowy drive back to the Fort.  Should’ve stayed and skied more!

Weekly Totals

19 foot miles, 6 ski miles.  ~2000′ vert. (80’vert/mile), ~6.5 hours

A good end/start to the year, ending with some fun xc ski time in the crusty butt. Looking forward to slowly increasing mileage the next week or two before a big bump toward the end of the month.  Stay healthy, uninjured…two big events (quad rock 50 and leadville marathon) and one huge event in august.  feeling excited.


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