week of dec 23rd thru dec 29th, 2013 (mm 35.5)


4.5 miles, :48. +250′ vert. ran with the pup we’re takin’ care of this week–miss Geo. a bit awkward, but a nice shakeout for the legs after my first ‘weight training’ experience in about 12 years (earlier this morning).  


Could barely walk this morning after yesterday’s gym experience. Took the day off and drank beer with friends.


“…And the shepherds thought it best to avoidest the long run over yonder hill and instead turned their ears heavenward to hear the angels sing.  Then they went down to the stable to say ‘Hey’ to the Christ child.”  


6 miles, 1:07. +600′ vert. Perch #70 on the year. like many runs in the last week, this one felt like a “getting back at it after a break” run, wherein I felt sluggish and slow, and constantly out of breath. trying to cut myself some slack, considering late November thru Jan 1st is the hardest time of year to get out and run. throw in some trips out of town, lack of daylight and tons of great food, and, well…
Time to get back into the routine, knowing that in about three weeks i’ll be kicking it into overdrive. all that being said, it was a beautiful morning for a jaunt.


6 miles, 1:10. +600′ vert. Perch #71. took Geo-dog up to the perch this morning and the run felt much better than yesterday. amazing how even stringing two or three outings together can get me into a groove and running easier.


6 miles, 1:00. +600′ vert, Perch #72. kelsea’s b-day! had a small window to fit this run in so I booked it. I think i might add more of these harder efforts (anaerobic…over MAT zone) as I found it quite difficult and i would rather have them be not-so foreign to me. most runs–long or otherwise–will stay in MAT but having a few interval/anaerobic outings here and there might be beneficial.


14 miles, 3:11. +3500′ vert. towers road double with mr. stubbs on a chilly winter’s evening. after the first roundtrip we decided to push it a little and go after it again. Luckily we brought headlamps, plenty of layers and food. great outing–more of these needed!

Weekly Totals

36.5 foot miles, +5600′ vertical gain (153’/mile), 7.25 hours.  

The week ended pretty well, and definitely got me back into a bit of a groove–and has me feeling pretty good going into a new year and an increase in mileage and training.  Going to not only add mileage to each week but also plenty of stretching/yoga, some weight training exercises, and eventually some speed work to get the legs turning over. 


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