week of dec 16th thru dec 22nd, 2013 (mm 35)


rest day with friends and beers


7 miles, +300′ vert, 1:12. perch was closed due to sloppy conditions (it finally got warm!), which was just as well considering i felt like poop/concrete/awkward until the last mile or so.


11.5 miles, +2200′ vert. 2:30. a run up towers rd from arthur’s trailhead. beautiful day with no one in the park. trails were a little muddy and snowy and i felt kinda lousy (first week actually back after a few weeks off…always is tough) but it was a fun outing. good to get the vertical gain under my legs.

Thursday & Friday

rest days and celebration of the end of Kels’ first semester in her PhD program!


6 miles, +600′ vert. 1:06. Perch #68. cold morning jaunt with Ben without the HRM. again felt sluggish until the way back down, similar to the other outings this week. overall still feeling good though, lookin’ forward to staying close to home and getting into a routine for the next couple months.


6 miles, +600′ vert. 1:08. Perch #69. another early morning jaunt, this time with Mr. Stubbs (630am). cold and foggy, and again my legs felt pretty dead. but a fun outing nonetheless. once you get up and get out the door, early morning runs are the best.

Weekly Totals

~31 foot miles, +3700′ vert. ~6 hours. An interesting week back in the saddle.  Felt pretty sluggish on most runs and went out with the HRM this week (just going’ by feel).  Glad to get back into a groove the next few weeks and months.  


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