week of dec 9th thru dec 15th, 2013 (mm 34.5)


+600′ vert. 6 miles, 1:10.  Perch #67. Coldddd morning run. But a great sunrise on the foothills. Legs feeling a little tired from yesterday’s effort.


Travelin’ down to the Big Easy for a conference.  Fun to see the delta of the grand ol’ river I spent so many years living near in MN.  Food…oh my:  Bacon-wrapped shrimp in creamy grits with a side of delicious scallops on a bed of watercress.  Wow.


4.25 miles, :40. no vertical gain! Ran around for a bit in New Orleans to get away from the conference for a bit. Stayed close to the Ol’ Miss. Good to move the legs a bit.


Too much fun happening at the conference to get away.


3.5 miles, :33.  another fun little outing in NOLA. great conference but too much time indoors (with little air circulation) drives me a little crazy. glad to have an intersection-free walkway to jog on.


Walking around the French Quarter

Weekly Totals

~14 foot miles, ~602′ vert, ~2:30.  Turned into another rest week, which is regrettable but too early in training to really matter I suppose.  Just means I’m gonna hit it hard once I return home to a normal-ish routine.  A fun week in NOLA though! Who dat?!


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