week of dec 2nd thru dec 8th, 2013 (mm 34)


rest day, knee acting -up


+600′ vert. 6 miles. 1:15. Perch #65. right knee started acting up on Sunday after my run. worse than usual. took yesterday off and went to a yoga class instead (whaaa?!). While I felt like a block of concrete the whole session, I felt pretty darn good afterward. Ok, ok…I’m convinced that yoga would be a good idea to get me a little more limber and flexy. today, I did some quick stretching and heated the knee up before the jaunt, which was nice and easy. concentrated on smooth form, relaxing and taking it easy. knee felt ok, body felt good. starting to get cold and windy out there. rest of the week will be cold. really cold.


+500′ vert. 6 miles. 1:30. got 10″ of snow last night. Colder’n a monkey’s uncle out there but I was happy to slog through the snow with my new waterproof hiking/walking Merrells and the ol’ gaiters. no speed records but the powder and wind sure took its toll. the trail was all mine–not another crazy soul out there. I probably looked a little goofy running through the streets with hiking shoes, gaiters, construction zone-neon orange jacket and mask over my face, but i was dry and warm all the way up the hill.



perch #66. 6 miles. +600′ vert. 1:12. not a bad time considering the last 1/2 mile of trail was still unbroken and it’s about zero degrees right now. lots of layers. beard covered in icicles.


perch #67. 6 miles, 1:11. +600′ vert. another freezing-ass day (around zero) with the snow packing down a bit. lots of layers, a frozen white beard and one giant icicle on the end of my hat.


+1500′ vert. 6 miles, 2:50. cold ass snowshoeing adventure with Stubbs up Montgomery Pass. in reality, the route was about 3-4 miles, but in an attempt to equate it to “run miles”, I’m giving it 6, which is pretty conservative (felt like about 10 miles of running). Fingers have never…and I mean never…been that cold. Had to dunk them in the hot tea from the thermos when we got back to the car. A very “Rado” day.

Weekly Totals

30 miles foot miles, 8 hours, ~+3800′ vert (127’/mile)



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