november wrap (mm 33)

This wrap is a bit late in coming…

November felt a bit stressful—both Kels and I were knee deep in school projects, papers, internships, thesises (thesii? No, I think it’s theses—sounds like ‘feces’, right?).  I remember last spring when a dear friend saw my workload and stress start to escalate:  “Why don’t you cut back a little bit on running? It seems like it takes up a lot your time.” It was heartfelt, and I appreciated the idea.  But there was no way.  The last thing I’d eliminate is one of the activities that kept me sane.  I actually have a hard time keeping thoughts in my head while I run.  It’s a wonderful gift. All I have to do to take a break from stressful planning, thoughts, meltdowns and “pin-balling” is tie my shoes and let it rip.

So it went in November.  As my stress level creeped-up, so did my mileage.  I’ve been trying to slowly increase weekly and monthly mileage (very slowly) from August through December.  I purposefully pushed-back a rest week (usually every three weeks or so) until Thanksgiving, kept my intensity on the lower end (lots of “MAT” runs), and hit the 120 mile mark (for the month) for the first time since March.  My knee still acts up here and there but I started seeing my acupuncture guy again and finally added some yoga into the weekly routine.  The results were immediate.  Ten minutes a day has me feeling a little more “bendy” and stretched-out.  Looking ahead to December, I plan on keeping my mileage at about the same level as November, and Lord willin’, a new year will bring a ramp-up of mileage and focus.  Happy Thanksgivikah!


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