week of nov 25th thru dec 1st, 2013 (mm 32.25)


3.5 miles, :40. Phoenix.  legs felt like concrete blocks, stride was awkward and slow. took a salt bath last night to relax the legs. maybe i stayed in too long.


3 miles, :50. Phoenix pavement. nice steady walk with the mother-in-law-figure. lower legs still feeling a little tender but knee’s feelin’ good. operation rest week a success so far. #morepintsthanmiles


3 miles, :30. Phoenix. Morning jaunt around the ‘hood. Taking a break from booze today. Been having too much fun this week!


Gobble gobbled up a bunch of food…took a nice walk afterward.


6.5 miles, 1:19, +800’ vert. National trail at South Mountain. great post-thxgiving morning outing on a dirt/rock trail with some vert. fun to push it a bit after an easy-pavement/flat rest week with a little too much gluten and booze. but a delicious and relaxing week with great company!


Drivin’ home to CO


6 miles, 1:09, +600’ vert. Perch #64. first jaunt since returning from the SW late last night. first one is always tough. felt sluggish and tired but glad to be back at it after a restful week with the fam in PHX. going to try getting in a few decent outings before leaving for NOLA next tuesday. Weather in Colorado is supposed to get crazy on Wednesday though–high of like 7. oh boy.

 Weekly Totals

22-24 foot miles, +~1500’ vert. 4:30.

Lots of fun, and gluten…and booze.  Great rest week. Left the HRM at home and kept it easy.  Following it up with a solid week before headin’ to New Orleans


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