week of nov 18th thru nov 24th, 2013 (mm 30.6)


6 miles, 1:06. +600′ vert. Perch #61 of 2013. PR’d the MAT run by three minutes. Felt reeeally solid and even a hint smooth (that’s odd). gives me a lot of confidence knowing that the same run, with the same effort (that’s the whole point of the heart rate monitor and running in the “MAT” max aerobic threshold zone–to keep me at the same ‘effort’ and thus become faster at said effort) can take 1:15, eight weeks ago…and now its 1:06. At a relatively easy-going pace. #makingprogress? It’s true that Leadville is longer than 6 miles, and has a bit more vertical gain than running to the top of Ft. Collins’ “A”, but dropping 9 minutes over 8 weeks on a 6 mile run makes me happy 🙂


6 miles, 1:07. +600′ vert. Perch #62. MAT run, about a minute slower than yesterday but not bad. didnt feel very smooth or comfortable but obviously it still went well.


6 miles, 1:05.44. +600′ vert. perch #63. ‘nother day, ‘nother MAT-Perch run PR. things feeling like they’re starting to click, despite feeling a bit tired around the edges. snow expected by morning so i’m glad I got this one in.


rest day, acupuncture with Kent, lots of snow


rest day, homework, packing


Travel to Phoenix for Thanksgiving week of rest!


PHX. 2 miles, :24. Nimbus run (minimalist shoes) around the neighborhood. start of a nice rest week (with a fair amount of beer, chips and bacon). 🙂

Weekly Totals

~20 foot miles, about 3:45, +2000′ vertical gain.

A week with a few excellent Perch efforts, rest, travel, acupuncture and an easy effort in the AZ.  Been looking forward to the rest week for a while.  Time to enjoy the company, the brews and the famous backyard Oasis-Retreat in Phoenix.


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