week of nov 11th thru nov 17th, 2013 (mm 25.4)

“I’m comin’ down the mountain–I’ve been comin’ for some time.  I’m comin’ down the mountain–and this whole. dark. valley. is mine!”  -Mason Jennings, The Mountain

Monday the 11th

lunes iguala el dia de descanso


perch #57, +600′ vert, :58.20, 6 miles. Fastest ever roundtrip to and from the Perch, and second (or third?) fastest ascent from the TH (18:24 to the top). Feels good. Wasn’t the smoothest, easiest-flowing run ever, and definitely grappled with The Beast toward the top of the ascent and at the very end of the run, but did my best to focus on form and quick leg-turnover. Actually spent about a minute or so at the top, and also did a medium-ish warm-up from the house to the TH (probably another minute or so there), so it’s encouraging and motivating to know there’s still a minute or two out there. Overall, a great outing. Definitely the type of jaunt that makes me believe…and I can use as many of these as I can get.


perch #58, 6 miles, +600′ vert, 1:26. Sllllloooowww recovery run–a must after yesterday’s effort, but still, these things are actually harder than going all out. the heart rate monitor helps a ton, though I want to destroy it for most of the run (it beeps every time I’m running too hard).


perch #s 59 and 60. 7 miles, +1150′ vert, 1:39. first time in a while where a run didn’t feel good (and I didn’t really enjoy it). The fact that it’s been months since a run like this is a good sign, but the legs and body feel tired. haven’t had a down week in about a month and, not planning on a rest week til Thxgiving, I knew this would be about the time I’d start getting tired. will continue monitoring things but ideally I will get my mileage in until next Thursday night when I pull back the reins a little bit. It’s still early, after all.




14 miles, +3500′ vert, 3:10. Towers Road Double. Long-ish morning outing with Jay-pop, Stubbs and Humphrey–first ascent up Towers was nice and slow, second one was a bit rough (though faster). Certainly no PRs or world records today. Windy and cold. Thanks H for the hot tea during halftime–hit the spot! Good to get a long jaunt in–been spending a lot (too much?) time in the 6-8 mile range. December will bring more consistent long runs I think. Legs feeling tired but not as bad as the other day. Definitely feeling the need for a break (starting next Friday!).


4 miles, 1:45, +800′ vert. Timber Trail at Lory State Park. Afternoon hike with Kels and Maya. Larry got his third Lory SP sticker (annual pass)–we definitely use it a ton…totally worth the $70. beautiful weather. legs felt a little heavy but energy was good. a few more days til the break!

Weekly Totals

37 foot miles, ~9 hours, +6650 feet of vertical gain (180’/mile…good)

Overall a great week highlighted by Tuesday’s Perch PR (breaking the previous PR which had been around for far too long) and enjoyable outings up Towers and at Lory.  Legs started feeling a little heavy toward the end of the week, which is to be expected since I haven’t had a real rest week since early October.  Next official rest week starts this coming Friday as we head SSW to Phoenix for a fun-filled Thanksgiving with the Fam.  Only body parts I’ll be working is my beer-ceps and beer elbows.  


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