week of oct 28th thru nov 3rd, 2013 (mm 21.6)

Monday the 28th

6 miles, +600′ vert,  1:13. perch #51. MAT. felt pretty good considering last Saturday’s effort. Cold and rainy today, Perch shrouded in a thick fog, which made for a fun run. Despite the mud, my efforts to make this a recovery outing, and the minute or so at the top observing the good Lord’s glory, I still put in a good time. Glad to be inside and warm. Put the kettle on.


rest and stretching


4 miles, +300 vert. :43. Perch was closed due to muddy conditions so I jaunted around the neighborhood for a bit.


7 miles, +1800′ vert, 1:26.  Towers Road PR.  Ascent :52.07, descent in :33.45 (scorched my previous PR by about 9 minutes). cold and windy evening with Jay-pop, ATK and Humphrey. I was under prepared (lack of hat and headlight)–maybe because I was under the impression the sun went down later than it is right now. Either way, the way up felt great, the descent was dark and cautious, but in the end a great PR on the up, down and round trip. Hopefully this becomes a Thursday tradition–I need the climbing!




8.75 miles, +2500′ vert. 3:18. Great early morning outing with AK (alaska?). good stretch of the legs and a great view–not too far from home either. knee held-up pretty well til the end, HRM never got above 150 bpm. Finished it off with a pile of sweet potato hashbrowns, eggs, coffee and bacon (sweet, sweet bacon).


perch #52. +600′ vert. 1:21. early morning recovery run, kept it slow and under 140 bpm. felt a bit sluggish and sore–in need of a rest day–but overall went well.

Weekly Totals:

~32 foot miles, 8 hours, +5800′ vertical (181’/mile)

Good mix of runs/hikes this week–glad to get back to Towers Rd as it is probably the best chance I have at emulating Hope Pass (half as long, half as much vert as Hope).  Solid week overall.


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