week of oct 21st thru oct 27th, 2013 (mile marker 20…1/5 of the way there!)

Monday the 21st

4 miles, +200′ vert. :49. nice slow recovery jog on an awesome autumn day. Feelin’ a little stiff after yesterday’s jaunt with Kels.  55 degrees and sunny—perfect!


perch #FIFTY on the year. probably won’t make it to 100 perch ascents like last year but I suppose a summer away from the Big Hills will do that.  We’ll see though. +600′ vertical, 1:12.52. Stayed in MAT. second best round trip in MAT–felt a bit tired today and had a hard time staying consistent. but it’s hard to be upset when it’s 55 and sunny. i love fall in colorado.


rest day–resting the legs for the big effort this Saturday


15 miles of road biking with Jay-pop. 1:09. Up to the Reservoir, over to Bingham Hill and up Taft.  Felt good to be on the bike again; good workout without poundin’ the feet.


rest day, sort of.  Rode ~10 miles with a tandem bike group of folks with visual impairments.  Really enjoyed piloting! Though, my butt’s a little sore after the last two days…


Rocky Mountain Tiger Hilloween III   Woooo!  25.2 miles, +5200′ vertical, 7:30.30.  Great day in the hills, great friends, great weather! Accompanied by Kelsea, Maya, Maeve, Humphrey, Andrew, Jay-pop. Lots of hiking, some jogging. Felt good til about mile 20, which ain’t bad. good to get in some vertical and lactic acid into the legs. Haven’t tangled with The Beast* since the Quad Rock 50 in May. perfect weather–sunny and 60 degrees. started at 715am and went to about 3pm. Great hiking and chatting with so many people on a long outing. Actually felt a little lonely for the 7 miles I was by myself! Animal sightings: one turkey, one black squirrel, one black dog.


yeah right.

Weekly Totals:

35 foot miles, ~9.5 hours, +6000′ vert (171’/mile).

25 bike miles, 2.5 hours.

Great mix of running, biking and resting this week.  Saturday’s “event” was a good indication of where I’m at in training.  Most of the day was hiking but it included a lot of necessary hill climbing.  I was happy that I stayed both strong (until about mile 20) and, maybe more importantly, felt relatively fine the next day (though definitely some leg/butt soreness).  It was fun being in the hills with so many friends in one day.  Looking to continue this uphill training block this next week.

*The Beast: (1) the part deep inside that screams at me to stop. to relax. to find a couch. mmm, beer. pizza. malt-shake. yummm. (2) a mythical creature that lives in the part of my brain dealing with reason and sound judgement (cerebrum?). (3) an animal that hibernates until I go into the Pain Zone (see: Pain Zone), at which point it begins stirring. (4) doubt; second-guessing. (5) thoughts needing to be squashed/controlled/overcome in order to continue.


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