week of oct 14th thru oct 20th, 2013 (mile marker 18.1)

Monday the 14th

perch #47, 3.5 miles, +570′ vert. ~1 hour. Great first day back in Coloradie, though a bit chilly.  Hike/jogged with Duder, Boj and Eric who were visiting from the MN.  Great way to get back into things.


7.75 miles, +~400′ vert, 1:35. Maxwell-Pine Ridge loop with Boj and Duder.  Boj is gettin’ ready for a mostly-flat-with-a-few-hills 10 miler next week in St. Paul, so this was a good route.  Knee giving me some issues but nothing major (hopefully). 


perch #48 on the year with big poppa Jay. +600′ vert, 6 miles, 1:15. Cold mornin’ run with Jaybird and his new kicks. Stylin’. gotta get me some of them new PIs.  stayed in MAT at 150 bpm. 




perch #49, 6 miles, +600′ vert. 1:17.  First significant snowfall of the season overnight.  Sunny and good weather during the run, which made for sloppy-muddy trails most of the way up.  This added both time and effort (hard to keep below the Max Aerobic Threshold).  First time gettin’ out there by myself in a few weeks–a strange fact considering I ran with people about three times last year total.  Nice havin’ company! Also nice bein’ alone.  best of both worlds!


rest day–lots of homework catch-up, lots of tea and a big breakfast with KMac 🙂  #bestkindofday


9.75 miles, ~500′ vert. 3 hours. Great hike with Kels and Maya, with a little bit of joggin’ thrown in. Kels gearin’ up for the PHX half marathon with the mother-figure in two weeks. Good to put some miles in without so much pounding on the knees and IT. 

Weekly Totals:

33 foot miles, ~8 hours, +~2700′ vert. (~82’/mile). 

Great first week back–maybe a bit too many miles but the biggest day was mostly hiking so I’m not too worried about it.  Weather gettin’ colder and I’m starting to think about winter-strategy. That is, maybe focusing more on time rather than miles as the trails get muddier or snow-packed.  Going to also start monitoring my vertical feet per mile (or vertical feet per hour in the winter months).  Gotta make sure I’m staying on par with what Leadville will require: between 150 and 170′ per mile (on average).  Though a lot if not most of the course is joggable, I’m keepin’ my mind on Hope Pass’s double crossing (about 400′ vertical per mile from miles 40-60) and will shift my training in preparation.  To start, I’m participating in Mountain Tiger Hilloween III this Saturday, a do-it-yourself, “honor system” type event that encourages people all over the country to spend ten hours getting as much vertical gain and miles in as possible.  Post results online, win prizes, no entrance fee.  Sounds good! Hopin’ to get some peeps out there to put in some time with me.  More on all of that next week!


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