week of sept 30th thru oct 6th, 2013 (mile marker 14)

Monday the 30th

perch #44. 6 miles, +600′ vert. 1:20. very slow recovery run with Duder. mornings are gettin’ chilly. lots of walkin’ and slow moving–just givin’ the legs a little stretch.


rest, with some stretching and other exercises


perch #45, 6 miles, +600′ vert. 1:12. great run. everything seemed to click–stayed below MAT entire way but still ran most of it. 3 minutes faster than the last time i did this route with the same HR. that’s a good sign…right?  felt strong and steady.


perch #46. 7 miles, +700′ vert. 1:24. another good run in the MAT zone. same kind of run as yesterday with an extra mile leg thrown in. felt great again.


rest and stretching


flew to Philly for an 8-day school session and the beginning of a recovery week (well, maybe recovery 10 days).  plan on takin’ it easy, maybe a few short jogs.


day of rest.  homework and playoff baseball with friends.  

Weekly Totals:

19 foot miles, ~4 hours, ~+2000′ vertical gain.

Week started out well, especially with a good ‘indicator’ run on Wednesday.  Definitely slacked toward the end of the week but was expecting it with my Philly week approaching.  Going to enjoy the down week ahead while avoiding the addition of 3-5lbs that is standard on trips/vacations.  Upon returning to the CO I definitely want to start adding more vertical gain to the outings.  Leadville ain’t gonna be very flat.

Speaking of Leadville…booked a nice little house this week for the days surrounding the LT100 next August.  Right near the start (and finish) line.  Even though I can’t sign-up for the actual race yet, I think the house rental means I’m all in. At least that’s what I’m taking it to mean.    #all.in.


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