week of sept 23rd thru sept 29th, 2013 (mile marker 12)

Monday the 23rd

perch #42 on the year. 4.5 miles, :56. +650′ vert. Painstakingly slow (MAT of 147 bpm)–a lot of walking–but trying to take the long view (could I run/walk this pace for 27 hours? hmm…probably). great weather this morning.


rest day


perch #43. +600′ vert. 6 miles.  Time trial (from trail head to Perch–1.75 mile ascent)…19:26.47. not bad. first time under 20 minutes in about a year. warmed-up for 1.25 miles from house to TH then steadily turned it up. ran out of energy 3/4 of the way. probably gave away about 30 secs in hiking but it’ll do for now. had to rest for 4+ minutes at the top to catch my breath then strolled back down, staying below MAT (147). great run–used The Stick last night on my trigger points and i’m feeling pretty good.


“Nimbus” jog with Maya around the neighborhood (~1.25 miles) before some core exercises and push-ups.  More work needed here…


rest day–drove up to Frisco with Kels and Maya. Slept in Larry–20 degrees and blowing snow–in anticipation of seeing some of the best trail runners in the world battled it out the next day at UROC.  


+2,500′ vert. 8.5 miles. ~4 hours of hiking and scootin’.  Great morning hike out of the Copper Mtn area (onto the Colorado and Continental Divide Trails) with Kels up to a saddle at ~12,500′ asl to see some  amazing runners do their thing–in 8″ of snow. Kilian! Venga Venga Venga! Definitely inspiring to see, despite freezing toes and 20 degree temps. Snow…sunshine…yellow and orange aspens! Autumnal Colorado!  Grateful for a partner who’s into epic outings like this one. Thanks Kels!


7 miles, 1:37, +1,700′ vert. up to the Towers above horsetooth rez. great morning hike/jog/run.

Weekly Totals:

27.5 foot miles, ~8:15. +5450′ vertical gain.  

Snoozed a little more than I would have liked during the week but made up for it over the weekend.  A fair amount of vertical too. Made it over the 100 mile mark for the month of September–a pretty fair start to training.  Highlights of the week: time trial to the perch went well, awesome weekend with Kels in the high mountains, jog up to the Towers on Sunday…legs feelin’ pretty solid.



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