recovery drink (mile marker 11.9)

I often come home from a jog or ride and make a “protein recovery smoothie” in the VitaMix (greatest kitchen appliance ever) as I’ve read that the hour or so after your workout is the best time to give those muscles some protein.  Apparently this is when they’re the most receptive,  according to “science”. Who am I to doubt this conventional wisdom? (see: Galileo and Darwin)

Anywho, I usually make these elixirs with:  banana (potassium), spinach and/or kale (vegetables are good for you), beets (legal EPO), yogurt (mmm…for the protein and creaminess), blueberries (good for you), almonds (protein), a great veggie-based multi-vitamin protein powder (chocolate flavored), some ice, some water.  Bah-da-bing! Soak it up, muscles!  So yesterday I thought: hey, doesn’t Rocky drink raw eggs for protein? Don’t eggs (and other foods) lose a lot of their nutritional value when you cook them? Hmm…how could I make a protein shake with more protein?

Yep…I did.  I cracked a large, free-range egg and plopped it right into the VitaMix (after already adding said ingredients). I made a video of it but the blog-machine said the file was too big to post it.  Trust me, it was both awesome and a little weird.  Here’s a picture after the first sip:

my face says: “eyyy…not bad!”

My muscles need all the help they can get.  Cheers to a year of beet and egg smoothies! Ha!


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