week of sept 16th thru sept 22nd, 2013 (mile marker 10)

Monday the 16th

4.5 miles, 46 minutes, negligible vertical gain. A decent tempo run with Duder: 10 minute warm-up, 10 minute zone 4, 2 minute cool down. repeat.   Felt good to get the legs turnin’ over a little quicker.


perch #41 on the year. 6 miles, 1:15, +600′ vertical. Stayed in the MAT (max aerobic threshold) zone–which is about a zone 3. it was tough–felt really slow. a lot of stop and go, but great to get back to the standard perch run. things are dryin’ out.


rest day


Bike ride–14.5 miles toward Lory State Park.  :58.  A few big hills.  Great late-afternoon ride after feeling lousy yesterday (perhaps the result of a crazy-painful massage at Amara which undoubtedly unleashed poisons that were trapped in my muscles. lethargic and flu-ish all day yesterday. today…better. )


rest day–wanted to go at it but body said no.  too early in the year to ignore that feeling.


hike with Kels and Duder at Lory.  Timber trail: 6.25 miles, +1500′ vert. 3 hours. Kelsea set a strong, steady pace.


6.25 miles, 1:15. +1,000′ vert.  Random/new route with Duder.  stayed under MAT zone until the rain/lightning/scariness. Scared enough to run a 6-minute mile toward the end. lol…that’s about as fast as I can go!  good to get the legs movin’.

Weekly Totals:

23 foot miles, 14.5 bike miles. ~7:15. ~3,300′ vertical gain

A little all over the place this week.  Some running, some sprinting, some tempo effort, some hiking,  biking, feeling good, feeling bad.  Glad the trails are dried up. Fall is definitely in the air–best time of year!  Staying the course*.

*getting myself into overall-good shape/health without pushing too much for the next 2-3 months in preparation for the big throw-down/build-up in miles beginning in January/February. 


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